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Sonoma Wine Country, Santa Clara County, Mendocino, Napa, Marin , San Francisciso ,San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Oakland, Berkley,Vallejo and Beyond

Our Photo Booth Service was designed with the intent of providing exceptional service and highest quality instant photos with the latest technology features available including Green Screen and Video Capture Capabilities....but mostly....the booth is extremely fun to have at a wedding.....GUARANTEED!

  • Our booth's unique features, superior instant photo quality, customer service and large interior size make it a the preferred choice over any other booth on the market today:
  • Guests are guided by an attendant where to go in the booth
  • Clients see their poses and selections on the monitor in front of them
  • A count down message guides the guest when the photograph will be taken
  • Guests push a "Black and White" or "Color" button to start the photo capturing process
  • A preview of each image take will appear on the monitor
  • Green screen options allow clients to preselect one image from a stock agency to set as the background. This image enhance the theme of the party
  • No extra charge for props
  • Video Message Capture availability. Yes, the booth can be set to record video capture!
  • Huge interior size
  • www.chrisgonzalesphotography.com