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Photo Booth Pricing

$690 for 4-5 hours rental

  • Includes all standard features: B&W, Color, Green Screen (you provide the photo), Attendant
  • 2 strips per client turn
  • Free Props

Additional Features

  • Attendant will monitor a guest signature album (You provide the supplies)
  • Additional Photo Booth Rental Time...$90 per hour
  • Guest Signature Album...$95, We provide the album, pens and materials to assemble the album
  • Attendant puts together the album on site
  • Event Branding....Beginning at $295 Logo's and prining on the sides of the photo booth (you provide the logo)
  • One Print Per Guest in each photo....$90...Each client turn includes one 4x6 sheet which can be cut into two strips with multiple images on each strip. Wih the "Double Prints" feature (2) 4x6 sheets are printed for each guest's turn in the photo booth. So, (4) strips all of the same series of turns will be printed.
  • Idle time...this is when the photo booth is set up prior to the starting time and turned off. $50/hour